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What can you expect?

From the moment you contact me, I am on board to ensure your wedding ceremony fulfils all your expectations. We can meet and chat to create the perfect day; I know that plans evolve over time and what seemed like a good idea at the beginning suddenly doesn’t seem so relevant. So relax, changes are all part of my service.

My fees are all inclusive, I don’t charge extra for travel or rehearsal time or any other symbolic gestures that you feel you would like to add in. My ceremony script will be sent over to you in plenty of time for you to read through together and make any adjustments that you feel are needed.

No two scripts are the same; it has to be unique to you.

I always arrive in plenty of time on the big day itself, I’m very handy at

pinning on button holes, chatting to the guests and running around with

jugs of water for parched grooms! You are in very safe hands!


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