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Why swans on my logo and website?

Swans have long been the symbolism of grace, love, fidelity and trust. In many Irish and Gaelic tales, swans appear as messengers; their message is of love and the love that already exists within all of us. When swans mate their long graceful necks entwine, forming a perfect heart. They seemed such a natural choice for me to use; as one of my favourite pastimes is to meander along the wide sweeping Broads of Norfolk and watch swans dipping in and out of the reed beds or gliding regally along, observing the visitors in their serene, rush covered dwellings. Each pair taking time to wait for each other: staying close, a couple united, their vivid black and orange beaks nudging gently and their alabaster feathers catching the glow of the summer setting sun on

their wing tips.


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